John MacNamara – Deutsche Bank

John MacNamara is Managing Director and Global Head of Structured Commodity Trade Finance in Deutsche Bank’s Global Transaction Banking division. He is responsible for commodity-backed lending in both developed and emerging markets.

Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Mac was Head of Structured Trade and Commodity Finance at Santander in London, and has worked for other international banks and trading companies in London since 1982. His first structured transaction was in Russia in 1983 and was financed by an Islamic commodity fund. Publications include his 2001 book “Structured Trade & Commodity Finance in Emerging Markets: What can go Wrong” which much to his relief has turned out to have been wholly applicable to the events of the Global Financial Crisis, thus justifying its recession-defying price tag and prompting a second edition with new case studies due out this century if it ever clears the Legal department. He wrote the chapter on PXF for the Loan Market Association (LMA)’s 2013 textbook “Developing Loan Markets”, and also contributed a large part of “Financiacion estructurada del comercio exterior”, a guide written for the Spanish exporters’ institution ICEX. He sits on the LMA’s Commodity Finance Working Party, the Steering Committee for UNCTAD’s Global Commodities Forum, and remains stubbornly on the editorial advisory board of “Global Trade Review”, and “Trade & Forfaiting Review” contributing to both, as well as being a regular conference and seminar presenter for a variety of trade and industry organisations and conference organisers on structured commodity trade finance, also presenting the Finance module of the University of Geneva’s Masters course in Trade, Commodities and Shipping in 2009. He has participated in training courses on a wide variety of topics ranging from credit analysis to underwater helicopter escape and Rolls Royce maintenance.

Mac has an MA from Cambridge University and a Green Beret from the Royal Marine Commandos.


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