Autobahn - Introducing the Autobahn App Market

Welcome to the next generation of electronic transaction banking

Since 1996, Autobahn has been connecting clients to Deutsche Bank’s award-winning* electronic products and services and provides direct access to the breadth of solutions available across the bank.

In 2012, Deutsche Bank has taken its electronic service offering to the next level with the launch of Autobahn App Market, the first ‘App-based’ electronic client offering in the financial services industry that is available as an online, desktop and since 2013 also mobile solution**. 

The Autobahn App Market – A one-stop-shop solution for all your banking needs

The Autobahn App Market is a ground-breaking example of how electronic products across business divisions and asset classes can be combined into one integrated offering that is adaptable to your individual business needs. Built on an App-based operating model the Autobahn App Market allows you to select services relevant to your individual work requirements and receive these as a packaged solution.

The Autobahn App Market provides the power of a one-stop-shop solution to help you manage all your transaction services across the globe electronically via a single access point. All services provided via the Autobahn App Market van be accessed instantaneously, allowing you to use them intuitively and seamlessly, along with our existing offering, and completely free of charge.
You can track performance and mitigate risk while streamlining daily workflows, increasing productivity and maximising returns.

In addition, you can gain access to Deutsche Bank's award-winning research and market data and other Deutsche Bank eServices which will support your strategic decision making process.

Discover the Autobahn App Market now – completely free of charge

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165 Apps - Unlimited benefits

Greater transparency

  • Visibility on all electronic products and services available across Deutsche Bank
  • Recommendations for key services that are relevant to users and enhance their workflows
  • Seamless access to Deutsche Bank's market intelligence and research to support strategic decision-making

Enhanced workflow

One-stop shop for all your electronic products eliminates the need for multiple systems to complete daily tasks, and a new integrated search engine helps you to locate key information and data within seconds

Flexible and customisable services

Unbundling of previously packaged products and services allows for bespoke solutions that meet your individual business needs

Simple access

All Autobahn Apps can be accessed instantly via a single and secure access point, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords or logins to different service portals
What exactly are Autobahn Apps?

Autobahn Apps are electronic services and products provided by a broad range of divisions in Deutsche Bank which were redesigned and packaged individually as Apps to enhance their usability.

All these Apps can be accessed through the Autobahn App Market available online, on a desktop (toolbar), and, soon to come, also through a mobile device.



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Last Update: 10.10.2013