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  • Why Deutsche Bank?

    Deutsche Bank operates a centralised, T2S connectivity hub in Frankfurt coupled with regional service centres that deliver settlement, clearing, custody, cash and value-add solutions.

    Deutsche Bank offers its clients:

    • a wide choice of operating models and value-added services;
    • connectivity in more than 80 markets, including 33 with a local presence; and
    • the kind of liquidity only a world-leading euro clearer can provide

    All of this is supported by a market advocacy team that has been at the forefront of the T2S project from the beginning.

    Ultimately, we empower our clients to reduce their cross-border settlement costs; optimise use of their collateral; and uncover richer funding opportunities.

  • 17 Sep 14 - New roadshows planned for Q4 2014
    We will be hosting T2S roadshows in Asia and the Middle East during Q4: Hong Kong (19-23 October), Singapore (27-29 October) and Dubai (2-3 November). Please contact your Deutsche Bank representative for more information.    
    22 Feb 14 - Latest roadshow dates announced

    We will be hosting T2S roadshows in Madrid on 2 & 3 April and Amsterdam on 8 & 9 April. Please contact your Deutsche Bank representative for more information.

    14 Feb 14 - New video interview

    Graham Ray spoke to FTSE Global Markets about leveraging the benefits of T2S.

  • Events

    The Deutsche Bank team looks forward to meeting you at these upcoming industry events:

    29 September 2014  Sibos, Boston
    13 October 2014  NeMa Americas, Florida  
    11 November 2014  NeMa Asia, Singapore 


    Our T2S specialists are at your disposal. Please contact us to arrange a meeting or to join one of our upcoming roadshows:

    19-23 October 2014: Hong Kong 
    27-29 October 2014: Singapore
    2-3 November 2014: Dubai

    "Very professional presentation of the subject.”

    “Deutsche Bank is well informed and organised in getting ready for T2S.”

    “Appreciated the panel of experts around the table.”

     Quotes from attendees at our 2013 T2S roadshows

  • TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is a new European securities settlement engine which aims to offer centralised delivery-versus-payment (DvP) settlement in central bank funds across all European securities markets. The project was initiated by the European Central Bank (ECB) in 2006 and is currently under development.

    The fundamental objective of the T2S project is to integrate and harmonise the currently highly fragmented securities settlement infrastructure in Europe. It aims to reduce the costs of cross-border securities settlement within the euro area and participating non-euro countries, as well as to increase competition and choice amongst providers of post-trading services. It will therefore be a critical step forward in the creation of a single market in financial services in the European Union, fulfilling one of the goals of the Lisbon agenda. The IT platform will be built, owned and operated by the ECB and 17 national central banks in the euro area (which are collectively known as the “Eurosystem”).

    The first Central Securities Depositaries (CSD) involved in the project are due to migrate in June 2015 with three more waves following that: March 2016, September 2016 and February 2017.

  • 22 June 2015
    • Bank of Greece Securities Settlement System (BOGS)
    • Depozitarul Central (Romania)
    • Malta Stock Exchange
    • Monte Titoli (Italy)
    • SIX SIS (Switzerland)
  • 28 Mar 2016
    • Euroclear Belgium
    • Euroclear France
    • Euroclear Nederland
    • Interbolsa (Portugal)
    • National Bank of Belgium Securities Settlement System (NBB-SSS)
  • 12 Sep 2016
    • Clearstream Banking (Germany)
    • KELER (Hungary)
    • LuxCSD (Luxembourg)
    • Oesterreichische Kontollbank (Austria)
    • VP LUX (Luxembourg)
    • VP Securities (Denmark)
  • 06 Feb 2017
    • BNY Mellon CSD (Belgium)
    • Centrálny depozitár cennych papierov (CDCP) (Slovakia)
    • Esti Vaartpaberikeskus (Estonia)
    • Euroclear (Finand)
    • Iberclear (Spain)KDD – Centralna Klirinsko Depotna Druzba (Slovenia)
    • Lietuvos centrinis vertybinu popieriu depozitoriumas (Lithuania)

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