Key findings

  1. Macro risks and risk-management strategies

    The requirement to manage various risks (currency, liquidity, interest rate and regulatory) has not changed since the global financial crisis. But the uncertainty and volatility that has persisted since 2008 has made risk management a significant challenge for many treasurers.

    “Currency risk, economic risk and credit risk are important and prominent risks in the treasury’s agenda.  More than ever, we see more geopolitical risk.” Mustafa Kilic CFO, Candy Hoover Group
  2. Funding and investment strategies

    Many corporate treasurers remain conservative in their investment and funding strategies. They are hoarding cash as they wait for future investment opportunities, and in order to protect against potential liquidity squeeze.

    “Cash remains a very critical part of our capital structure.  We want to keep our cash moving, making sure it is deployed to repay debt or used by one of our operating units where they can get the highest possible return.”

    Jonathan Leon Treasurer, The Brink’s Company
  3. Technology as a treasury enabler

    The adoption of new technologies is gaining momentum in treasury departments.   Technology is being viewed as an important element in controlling and managing risk.

    “I’m concerned and disappointed about how poor treasurers are in using technology and how the corporate treasury market has been very slow to respond to moves in technology.”

    Damien Glendinning Treasurer, Lenovo
  4. The changing role of the treasurer

    The role of treasury continues to expand, and it is increasingly playing a more central role in corporate decision making.

    “We are business partners.  We are there to provide the funding to enable our businesses to grow, and to respond to the needs of the market. As such our partnership with our businesses is absolutely key." Richard Nield VP Treasurer, Cargill Asia Pacific

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