Cash management for financial institutions

Clients need a wide range of payment and cash management services that deliver opportunities to enhance their own products and cash flows, by leveraging global clearing infrastructure as well as a comprehensive array of global, regional and domestic solutions

Our global suite of cash management services offers a wide range of solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements thereby providing them with the time and means to concentrate on their core business. Furthermore, our market leading products and services enable our clients to reduce transaction costs, consolidate operations and expand revenue opportunities. Our award winning client service centres are located in all the relevant financial centres worldwide, providing clients with access to an unrivalled global network.

It’s good to know that we are the world’s number one euro clearer* and a leading US dollar clearer** providing integrated transaction banking solutions to a diverse client base across the globe; and access to various additional local clearing systems complement this. With our clearing capabilities, combined with our FX expertise and experience, we are ideally positioned to provide truly global solutions.

We offer one of the most comprehensive and automated packages of clearing services driven by major investments in advanced technology, expert staff and the continual development of innovative solutions for financial institutions. Our focus is on achieving and sustaining longstanding relationships that not only satisfy immediate needs, but also create ongoing performance to build long term value.

*based on combined volumes processed via Target 2 (Europe) and EBA (EURO 1)
**based on combined FEDWIRE / CHIPS payments

Clearing and FX services

By leveraging our global payments infrastructure, connectivity and presence, we provide global payment clearing solutions to financial institutions to help optimise treasury functions and provide value-added services for the payment needs of your underlying clients

Offering global payment clearing solutions to financial institutions helps optimise their treasury functions and provide value added services for the payment needs of their underlying clients
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FX4Cash™ leverages our expertise as a leading cash management provider with its renowned capabilities as a truly global FX trading powerhouse to offer a broad range of solutions for cross border payments targeted to financial institutions, non bank and corporate clients
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Global recognition

  • The Asian Banker Transaction Banking Awards 2016

    The Asian Banker Transaction Banking Awards, May 2016

    • Best International Transaction Bank, Asia Pacific
    • Best Global (EUR & USD) Clearing Bank, Asia Pacific
    • Best International Cash Management Bank, Asia Pacific
  • FIMetrix_2016_310x167.jpg

    FImetrix LLC, Distinguished Providers, March 2016

    Fourth consecutive years
    • Distinguished Provider of Transaction Banking Services in EUR and USD
  • 10

    Euromoney Cash Management Survey, Oct 2015

    Financial institutions
    • No. 1 Best Cash Manager for Financial Institutions
    • Leading EUR and USD provider for Financial Institutions
      Western Europe: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      Central and Eastern Europe: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      North America: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      LatAm: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      Asia: No 2 for EUR, No 3 for USD
      Africa: No 1 for EUR, No 2 for USD
      Middle East: No 1 for EUR, No 2 for USD