Custody and clearing

Nimble and efficient custody and clearing services that provide direct access to a country's capital market infrastructure and consolidated post-trade services with a single point of contact, covering custody, cash, FX services and market news

Corporates need comprehensive clearing and collateral services across multiple markets, whilst ensuring continued regulatory compliance, and reducing capital and financing costs, as well as improving their operational efficiency.

Our credit extension and asset mobilisation capabilities allow our clients to finance their business in the most efficient way.

The added value of our clearing services means our clients can dedicate their full attention to their investment activity whilst optimising the funding of their non-core clearing and margining activity.

Our custody clients’ benefit from asset protection, a single point of contact and consolidated post trade services with local expertise, on the ground in 33 markets.

By outsourcing their infrastructure and operational capabilities they can dedicate their full attention and greater resources to their core business and investment activities.

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Account Operator Asset Servicing at Issuer CSD

Our Asset servicing only solution provides you with the ability to manage settlement in house versus your own account at an issuer CSD.

Full service Account operator

Our Full Service Account Operator includes all the benefits of a standard custody solution combined with a CSD Account in your name.

Liquidity Solution

Our flexible account solution can support your Treasury function through access to both Central and Commercial bank monies.

Account operator

T2S: The next chapter for post-trade securities services account operator asset servicing at investor CSD

Full Service Custody

Our Full Service Custody offers centralized Cash and settlement services via a T2S regional Hub

The Autobahn App Market is our award winning electronic service offering, giving you simple, intuitive and consistent access to an array of transaction banking, investment banking and post-trade services – across asset classes and markets – as well as powerful Deutsche Bank research, commentary and analytics
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Global recognition

  • 10

    Global Custodian Leaders in Custody Awards, 2016

    • Deutsche Bank named best agent bank in Germany 2016
  • 10

    The Asset Triple A Asset Servicing, Investor and Fund Management Awards 2016

    • Winner of six custody awards
  • 10

    Global Custodian’s Leaders in Custody Awards 2015

    • Best Agent Bank in Germany and Spain