Full Service Custody

T2S brings fundamental change to the post-trade securities settlement landscape in Europe. Taking advantage of the opportunities created by T2S will present significant benefits.

The challenge

Settlement in T2S is harmonized and cross-border costs will be reduced. These benefits will help open opportunities into new markets. However, integral Custody services will remain at the local market level, such as; corporate actions, tax and regulatory compliance, which will require on-the-ground expertise. It will be essential to have a provider who can balance the advantages of the harmonized environment with the local expertise still required.

The solution

Our Full Service Custody offers centralized Cash and settlement services via a T2S regional Hub, combined with a distributed operating model that incorporates on the ground staff. We provide local market expertise and optional levels of asset protection.

Omnibus Account: Full Service capabilities, asset safety, safekeeping and regulatory reporting in the local market.

Segregated Account: Full Service capabilities, asset protection, able to identify and allocate assets efficiently in a crisis event.

Deutsche Bank Advantage

Adopting Deutsche Bank’s Investor Services - Account Operator solution to T2S, our clients benefit from a range of significant advantages.


Thought - leadership
  • Our Market Advocacy team has a reputation in the market for providing an influential and consistent message on behalf of our clients.
  • We have representatives on key T2S committees including: CSD steering Group, Advisory Group, Harmonisation steering Group and DCP governance Group
  • We recognise the extension of T2S functionality as an infrastructure, beyond the initial set of participating markets
  • We have been at the heart of the T2S project since it began
  • We are providing full functionality in T2S from Wave 1 Go Live
  • Senior level commitment to growth and opportunities in a post T2S environment
  • We are Directly Connected Participant’s (DCP) to T2S in each major Eurozone market


  • We have been providing Custody services in Europe for
  • We have a proven track record of experience in extensive harmonisation projects in the Eurozone, recently T2 and SEPA.
  • We are also advising governments and financial institutions on the ASEAN stock connect project in Asia
  • We provide dedicated solutions for over 6,000 clients


  • Securities settlement services (3rd party)
  • Single booking location with single view of inventory
  • Regulatory reporting in local market
  • Full T2S functionality
  • Securities income processing, Corporate action, proxy voting, tax services
  • Trade Cycle Management
  • Asset Servicing Including Proxy Voting
  • Local Lending
  • Direct Market Access (CSD/Clearing House) 
  • Cash Settlement Bank
  • Trade matching
  • Securities clearing
  • Position management & securities valuation
  • Document management
  • Cash Account Services
  • Payment processing services
  • Payment Clearing 
  • Fails coverage (where applicable)

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