Deutsche Bank Escrow Solutions is a leading specialist in escrow services. We enable clients to mitigate risk to their business transactions by placing assets in the custody of Deutsche Bank as a neutral third party.

The challenge

With business transactions becoming ever more sophisticated and complex, many participants now require that funds, securities or other assets be held in escrow until the transaction is successfully completed, creating a greater demand for an experienced and efficient escrow provider.

The solution

Deutsche Bank has the expertise, skills and flexibility to provide escrow services for various types of collateral. 

Deutsche Bank provides collection, trustee and custody services, plus investment, monitoring and reporting, making Deutsche Bank a one stop show for escrow clients.

With a focus on client satisfaction, a dedicated, global team of escrow specialists, a global network of offices, and a track record of product innovation, we offer our clients a professional, high quality service.

Key selling points for DB Escrow

Globally integrated business with on-location teams in Americas, EMEA and APAC

  • A flexible approach (contracts, commercials) and high touch client service model
  • A range of investment options including multiple balance sheets, MMFs across all top providers
  • Ability to support US, UK or EU governing law and most major currencies
  • More than 100 years of track record and continued strong commitment

The benefits

  • Commitment: We have a dedicated and growing team of professionals with deep expertise focused exclusively on escrow solutions.
  • Agility: Our standard escrow agreements and transparent “know your client” checks enables us to set-up escrows quickly.
  • Reach: We combine a global network with local expertise to offer escrow accounts in multiple jurisdictions in over 50 currencies.
  • A one-stop-shop: By integrating Deutsche Bank’s global capabilities, including foreign exchange, cash management, custody, payment and reporting – we provide clients with complete solutions.
  • Wide range of investment options: We offer a full range of investment options, including customised investment solutions, interest and non-interest bearing accounts, multi currency deposits, money market funds, offshore funds, long and short term securities.
Type of escrow transactionApplicationBenefits
Mergers & acquisitions

Holdbacks - to cover indemnification claims or purchase price adjustments 

Earn-outs - post closing adjustments when the acquired business achieves specific milestones

"Good faith" deposits - downpayment to show commitment and ability to fund the transaction

Safeguard against loss arising from breach of indemnities

Ensures disbursement of funds and completion of specific milestones

Provides assurance to transaction parties that funding is in place

Capital raising

Acquisition financing or pending IPO, private equity, hedge fund, consortium or SPAC transaction

Provides assurance to parties that funding is in place and disbursement is made


Assets held separate from trading, exchange or clearing counterparty

Ensure assets segregation and parties can fulfil promise to pay


Assets are placed in escrow pending appeal of a court judgement, bankruptcy or class action claims

Assets safeguarded during appeal and settlement process

Project finance/ construction

Funds are released on completion of pre-defined milestones

Mitigates risk of non payment and ensures appropriate disbursement

Real estate

"Good faith" deposits, title insurance, guarantee future rental streams

Provides assurance on the transfer of title prior to payment being disbursed

Insurance Trust Insurance Trusts can help ensure all obligations are fulfilled in an insurance or reinsurance contract by holding pledged collateral. Escrows for Insurance Trust are cheaper and faster than Letters of Credit, and not subject to annual reviews like Letters of Credit.
Segregated Collateral Accounts In order to comply with industry regulations, clients may use segregated collateral accounts to segregate cash and securities off a counterparty’s balance sheet. Accounts platform provides the flexibility to quickly move cash and securities between a client’s encumbered and unencumbered accounts held with DBTCA., Dedicated Control Account Manager, Access to Control Accounts position and transaction information through secure online platform.
DIPS AND RESTRUCTING Deutsche Bank has the ability to hold various collateral types in Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Default and other distressed situations. We have a dedicated escrow team with quick turnaround times and a global network.

Global recognition

  • Global-Corporate-Trust-Services-povider-2015_Logo.jpg

    Infrastructure Investor Awards, March 2017

    Corporate Trust Services Provider of the Year - Global, seven consecutive years

  • 10

    Best in Corporate Trust

    The Asset Triple A Asset Servicing, Investor and Fund Management Awards 2015, June 2015

  • 10

    Top Three Best Attorney Escrow Services

    Four consecutive years
    New York Law Journal Reader Rankings, 2016
  • 10

    Best Islamic Trustee/ Custodian

    Islamic Finance News, Jan 2014

Case studies: How Deutsche Bank’s escrow services can meet your needs

Whether you are a ceding insurance company buying reinsurance cover for a portfolio of policies, a large international corporate requiring a sophisticated escrow solution for your bond-financing, or even an institution looking for a quick and efficient closing to a M&A transaction, these three animated case studies below demonstrate the ways in which Deutsche Bank can help.


Insurance and Reinsurance Collateral Trust Services

Deutsche Bank’s experienced Trust & Agency team provides a full range of safekeeping, administration, investment, valuation, and reporting services to our Insurance Trust clients.

Insurance Trusts can help ensure all obligations are fulfilled in an insurance or reinsurance contract by holding pledged collateral.



  • Collateral: Insurance & Reinsurance Trusts can fulfil collateral obligations for insurance and reinsurance transactions, relating to Captive, Deductible, Collateralised Reinsurance Programs and Insurance Linked Securities.
  • Cost Efficient: Escrows or Trusts are less expensive and faster than Letters of Credit. Deutsche Bank also provides competitive and flexible pricing.
  • Simple: Our standard documentation at the initiation of an Escrow or Trust streamlines the setup process and minimises or in some cases eliminates legal fees.
  • Trust Accounts: A trust account is an ideal solution for clients to segregate cash and securities from a counterparty’s balance sheet. The income from the Trust is the property of the named depositor/grantor. Uninvested funds held by DBTCA will receive FDIC Insurance, or if held by DBGA, the German Deposit Scheme Protection.
  • Wide variety of investment options: The Bank offers an extensive list of investment options including money markets in major fund families, interest bearing deposit accounts, term deposits, as well as, treasury and government securities.

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