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Agency securities lending

A comprehensive and efficient service for institutional investors to generate
additional return on their fixed income and equity portfolios

Institutional clients can use Agency Securities Lending (ASL) to effectively generate an attractive risk adjusted portfolio return on their fixed income and equity portfolios as well as cash positions. Moreover clients can use the platform to optimize general financing and collateral management requirements.

The Challenge

ASL can be an effective portfolio management tool, particularly in a low yield market environment for clients who hold significant long positions in various securities across markets (Equities, Fixed income and ETFs) and wish to improve their portfolio returns in a risk-efficient manner.  In addition, the platform can deliver more efficient financing and collateral management across asset classes.

The Solution

Clients appoint DB as their agent to lend securities and manage collateral on a revenue sharing basis. Clients can include assets held with Deutsche Bank as well as with other existing custodians whilst retaining full access to all securities in their portfolio to ensure that there is no impact on the portfolio management activity. Other benefits can include solving general financing and collateral management needs.

The Benefits

As the agent, DB performs all lending and collateral management related functions, provides efficient distribution and settlement of securities and offers full transparency through detailed reporting. ASL operates a comprehensive risk management process and clients can further choose to utilize a comprehensive margin shortfall indemnity provided by DB AG.

The service is flexible, enabling clients to include assets across all major markets and those held with a wide range of external custodians. Moreover clients have the ability to generate financing and improved returns on cash positions.

The DB ASL team has over 20 years of experience successfully servicing institutional clients globally.


  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Flexible lending structure to include multiple custodians
  • Bespoke collateral guidelines
  • Consistent performance
  • Full transparency through detailed and easy to use reporting
  • Extensive team experience
  • Access to full range of tailored financing solutions
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Global presence

Global presence
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