Against a backdrop of regulatory change, greater competition and evolving client requirements, banks need partners that offer a broad range of products and services. We offer a complete range of commercial banking solutions covering strategic advice, capital and financing, risk mitigation and liquidity management, all of which are underpinned by an unrivalled network that combines global presence with local expertise.


In the aftermath of the financial crisis, our bank clients – from wholesale banks to global custodians – face greater challenges than almost any other sector. With revenues under pressure and regulation impacting capital structures, our clients require solutions that help them to execute fresh strategies, raise finance, improve liquidity, seek-out new revenue streams and better manage risks, all while growing operational efficiencies and maintaining high levels of client service.

Prudential liquidity and capital regulatory changes
Regulations like Dodd-Frank, CCAR, Basel III and the Capital Requirements Directive (CRDIV) place pressure on banks around issues such as the quality and level of capital required, risk coverage, leverage, global liquidity standards and supervisory monitoring.

Market and trading regulations
Market and trading regulations and the drive for a central clearing regime for OTC Derivatives all present challenges for the industry. For example, the latter calls for increased margin and collateral requirements, higher risk weightings, stricter reporting requirements.

Funding and investment options
The increased capital and liquidity requirements and the decrease in funding sources, along with regulatory pressure, prevent some banks from conducting certain investment activities.


Corporate & Investment Banking understands the demands and opportunities facing the banking sector today. We help our clients succeed in this new environment by offering expert value-added services across advisory, finance, payment processing, currencies and risk mitigation.

Our specialists advise banks on the entire spectrum of corporate services including M&A, capital markets and regulatory issues, leveraging the global reach of one of the largest and most diverse clearing banks in the world with expertise in US dollars, Euros and a host of other currencies including the Chinese Renminbi.

Our offering extends across cash management, custody, trust and agency services, securities lending and collateral management. We provide the customisable solutions that banks need to operate across the full range of currencies, markets and regions, all of which are supported by our market-leading FX4Cash platform and cutting edge technology and infrastructure.

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Nimble and efficient custody and clearing services that provide direct access to a country's capital market infrastructure and consolidated post-trade services with a single point of contact, covering custody, cash, FX services and market news
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Clients need a wide range of payment and cash management services that deliver opportunities to enhance their own products and cash flows, by leveraging global clearing infrastructure as well as a comprehensive array of global, regional and domestic solutions
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