Sovereigns, Supranationals and Agencies

Our SSA clients issue debt consistently throughout the year to support important local government projects, sovereign and multilateral budgets, export financing, and international development programmes. To achieve these goals, they require a capital markets partner with global reach and proven debt expertise.


SSA issuers face a number of hurdles when undertaking their funding requirements, all of which are against a dynamic regulatory landscape. They must factor in considerations including market volatility, issuance windows, counterparty balance sheet constraints and capital requirements, and new issue premiums. All of this while ensuring that they retain investors’ interest.


Deutsche Bank is an established top tier arranger of SSA bonds. Across currencies, maturities and geographies, Deutsche Bank has been entrusted by the most prominent SSA issuers to manage their funding needs. For issuers navigating the market for the very first time, Deutsche Bank has consistently been the banking partner of choice. Our impeccable advisory and execution capabilities have enabled us to lead rare and strategic issues. Our commitment is to consistently deliver for our SSA clients, investors, and the market.

Deutsche Bank has proven expertise in the administration of issuance and we are well placed to help SSA clients succeed in new or unfamiliar markets as well as at home. When it comes to issuance and facilitating deals, our team of experts provide global opportunities to overcome the challenges.

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We provide corporates, financial institutions, hedge funds and supranational agencies around the world with trustee, agency, escrow and related services
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    We have been supporting its clients' debt financings for nearly 100 years. Trustee, paying agency and related services are provided by experienced staff located in key financial centres in the United States, Europe and Asia

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  • Structured finance

    We support structures from the simplest to the most complex, covering asset and mortgage backed securities, asset backed commercial paper conduits and collateralised debt obligations

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