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Covid-19: no silver bullet for recovery

With fears of a pandemic second wave and evidence that the first wave is far from over in much of the world, prospects for recovery must adjust to the reality check report flow’s Clarissa Dann and Graham Buck



  • Trade Finance, Covid-19

    Step into liquidity

    As Covid-19 disrupts societies and economies, demand for trade finance remains strong. Banks can support their clients throughout with the use of low-credit risk products and strong client relationships, explains Deutsche Bank’s Russell Brown READ MORE
  • Cash management

    Building business resilience in a crisis

    Corporates’ business resilience capabilities were tested in recent years by several challenges – but the scale and speed of Covid-19 creates an unprecedented level of uncertainty to prepare for, says Deutsche Bank’s Dennis De-Weerdt READ MORE
  • Technology, Cash Management

    From the engine room

    Almost overnight, Deutsche Bank relocated more than 65.000 of its employees to working from home locations ahead of Covid-19 lockdown. flow reports on operational resilience and business continuity management READ MORE


  • Cash management

    Covid-19: How Germany gained its firepower

    While a cluster of new infections is a setback, the German approach to Covid-19 has managed the epi-curve and mitigated economic damage. flow’s Graham Buck reviews Germany’s pandemic performance and compares this to Sweden’s policy of avoiding full lockdown READ MORE
  • Macro and markets, Covid-19

    Exiting the Covid-19 ravine

    As governments around the world increase their lockdown relaxations, and epi-curves no longer have a relentless upward trajectory, how soon will economic activity pick up? Hotels, restaurants small businesses and luxury shops may have the answers, reports Clarissa Dann READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    Covid-19 and inflation

    As economies move along their pandemic exit trajectories, and the cost of economic stimulus raises the spectre of galloping inflation, flow's Clarissa Dann reviews Deutsche Bank Research analysis on whether this scenario is likely given the current central bank grip on markets READ MORE


  • Cash Management

    A healthy approach

    German science and technology giant Merck has been developing healthcare solutions for 350 years, and remains at the leading edge of biotechnology. Graham Buck finds out how the spirit of innovation underpins its corporate treasury team READ MORE
  • Cash Management

    Covid-19's assault on cash

    The journey towards tomorrow’s cashless society has gathered momentum and urgency as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, reports flow’s Graham Buck

  • Cash management

    Hello SONIA

    As the deadline for the cessation of Libor as the most widely used benchmark for financial products looms ever closer, Graham Buck reports on how SONIA, the Bank of England’s preferred successor, is gaining traction READ MORE


  • Technology

    Tomorrow’s technology today

    As organisations grow, so do their layers of legacy systems. In a world of instant payments and real-time treasury management, how can banks keep up? Clarissa Dann reports on how Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank is addressing this READ MORE
  • Technology

    Technology versus virus

    Disruption caused by Covid-19 has pivoted the world towards technology to keep things moving. Given some technology trends will endure beyond the pandemic, flow ’s Janet Du Chenne examines how they could be managed to support a sustainable recovery READ MORE
  • Technology

    Balancing technology transfer

    The We in Social Tech business accelerator, which was co-founded by Deutsche Bank’s corporate social responsibility Made for Good programme, has powered a range of fledgling businesses headed by female tech founders. Neil Jensen reports on their journey READ MORE


  • Trade finance

    Call for capacity

    Trade finance shortages remain a barrier to developing world economic growth, as the gap between the perception and actual level of transaction risk widens. Tackling this is an ongoing priority, says the WTO’s Marc Auboin READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    A new era for Indian energy

    With India’s energy consumption poised to grow at almost 5% annually over the next decade, its refineries are systemically important. Clarissa Dann talks to the leadership team at the Mumbai headquarters of Nayara Energy about realising potential – 20 million metric tonnes per year of it and growing READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    A Guide to Trade Finance

    To mark Deutsche Bank’s 150 anniversary and Trade Finance being its founding business, we proudly present the release of our Guide to Trade Finance, outlining the fundamental practices and rules critical to the trade finance industry’s ongoing functioning and future development READ MORE








  • Trust and agency services

    Antibody builders

    Following the success of the blockbuster anti-cancer drug DARZALEX (daratumumab), Genmab is developing a pipeline of proprietary antibodies. Anthony Pagano, the Danish firm’s new CFO, tells flow’s Janet Du Chenne how the company’s US capital raising fits that strategy READ MORE

    Renewable energy comes of age

    Changing dynamics of renewable energy in Europe have upended the market in the past decade as new buyers, investors and technology enter the fray. Janet du Chenne reports on investor enthusiasm, and forecasts what to expect from the next 10 years READ MORE

    Digital homes

    eNotes are driving the surge in digital mortgages for residential housing. BAML’s Eileen Albus tells Janet Du Chenne how new innovations are helping to improve the consumer experience and lower lenders’ costs READ MORE


  • Trade Finance

    After the perfect storm

    flow reports on how a seven-year reserve-based lending solution positioned oil producer Noreco for growth in a two-year turnaround journey READ MORE
  • Cash Management

    Creative sounds

    Until Spotify disrupted the music ownership model, the music industry was under siege from piracy READ MORE
  • Technology

    Connecting capital

    International investors can’t get enough of China, and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has been at the innovation coalface, facilitating access by upgrading its post-trade systems and using new technologies to accelerate the settlement of securities READ MORE

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