August 2018

For custodians, dealing with multiple clients across multiple markets, and a high volume of transactions, handling inquiries can be a challenge especially when it gets close to market cut-off time. The current manual process for receiving, resolving and responding to trade status queries can be slow, cost-inefficient, and lead to human error.

And, in an era where almost everything is available to us at a click of a button or a matter of seconds – and where we expect the same ease and conveniences in business that we have become used to in our day-to-day consumer life – the current manual approach is contributing to a poor customer experience and even dissatisfaction.

Faced with increased inquiries, heightened expectations for speedy responses and more demands for cost control, Deutsche Bank and a client sought an innovative way to improve efficiency, cost and service.  The result of this collaboration is Deutsche Bank’s first Securities Services chatbot “Debbie”.

“Debbie” is an automated solution developed  to provide client trade status information quickly, securely and accurately. Launched in June 2018, just a few months after discussions with the client began, “Debbie” currently connects with the client’s chatbot (for bot-to-bot communications) via the Symphony platform to help improve the client’s and their clients’ experience for the Hong Kong market.  Connectivity to other markets, exchanges and platforms; as well as query scope expansion is just a “sprint” away.

If speed, accuracy and costs are of concern, watch the video to learn more about what Debbie could do for you.


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