Covid-19: Will vaccines deliver “normality”?

2021 will be marked by the race to inoculate as many of the world’s citizens as possible to flatten the repeat Covid-19 curves. flow reviews the findings of the Deutsche Bank Research team’s first House View of the year



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    2020: Riding a Covid-coaster year

    As an extraordinary year draws to a close, flow take a look at 2020’s economic ups, downs, reverses from and accelerations towards any form of “normality” with thanks to our colleagues in Deutsche Bank Research READ MORE
  • Cash Management

    March to change

    Clarissa Dann meets Group Treasurer Soumyo Dutta at the Reliance Industries Mumbai headquarters to discover more about its rapid organic growth, its journey to debt-free status, and how its treasury has aligned along the way READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    A Guide to Trade Finance

    To mark Deutsche Bank’s 150 anniversary and Trade Finance being its founding business, we proudly present our Guide to Trade Finance, outlining the fundamental practices and rules critical to the trade finance industry’s ongoing functioning and future development READ MORE

DOSSIER Sustainable Finance

  • Macro and markets

    ESG investing: roots to return

    Covid-19 has changed the way investors view ESG, focusing more on performance than altruistic merit. flow’s Janet Du Chenne analyses Deutsche Bank research on what investors look for and the trends shaping the tools for predicting return READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    An ESG lens to identify r!sk

    Balance sheets and bottom lines are vital tools, but do they show a company’s biggest risks? Elizabeth Pfeuti reports on how Covid-19 has forced the C-suite to pay more attention to environmental, social and governance themes, so their businesses can survive READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    ESG on the ground

    As climate change voices shout louder than ever, flow reports on how engagement in society could turn the tide with examples of recent transactions, reflects on further Sibos 2020 ESG discussions, and highlights Deutsche Bank Research findings on blockchain as a sustainability enabler READ MORE






  • Trade Finance

    A new philosophy for re-building global trade

    Global value chains play a central role in the functioning of the global economy – fostering job creation, prosperity, innovation and investment. But how can they meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world? flow reports from the ICC International Trade and Prosperity Week READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Redefining the supply chain finance landscape

    As Covid-19 dislocates supply chains in Southeast Asia, corporates are turning to supply chain finance to maintain their liquidity. Chito Santiago of the Asset talks to Zandy Ip and Daniel Tan about how anchor buyers are supporting their suppliers READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    Financing trade’s recovery

    While Covid-19 has shaken trade and trade finance, the industry has the essentials to ride out the storm. The key is to build on momentum gathered since the outbreak and build out the framework for the industry’s long-term digital evolution, explains Deutsche Bank’s Russell Brown READ MORE



    Where we are with CSDR

    In Episode 8, John Siena, Associate General Counsel at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) and Emma Johnson, Director in the Deutsche Bank Securities Services Market Advocacy team provide an update on CSDR READ MORE
  • Podcast

    Covid-19 and trade finance resilience

    In the seventh episode, David Meynell, Senior Technical Adviser at the ICC Banking Commission, and Russell Brown, Head of Trade Finance Institutions at, Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank reflect on trade resilience READ MORE

    Covid-19 and implementing CSDR

    How is Covid-19 impacting the Central Securities Depository Regulation? flow editorial director Janet Du Chenne finds out from Emma Johnson, Securities Services regulatory expert at Deutsche Bank and John Siena, Associate General Counsel at Brown Brothers Harriman READ MORE







  • Macro and markets

    Climbing out of Covid: Nearly there?

    Good news on vaccines suggests some form of normality could return sooner rather than later. However, scalability, distribution priorities, and trust in governments will all determine the speed. flow’s Clarissa Dann shares insights from Deutsche Bank Research READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    Changing course on Capitol Hill?

    Although the 2020 US Election results indicate a Biden/Harris victory, the path to the White House is less than straightforward. flow´s Clarissa Dann takes a look at the next steps, and how the results have impacted the economy, markets and central bank policy so far READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    All change on Capitol Hill?

    With the US Election result too close to call after a record turn-out by the American people, all eyes are on how its electoral system arrives at choosing a leader and the components of its Congress. flow´s Clarissa Dann explores the economic impact of four potential outcomes READ MORE


  • Trust and agency services

    European structured finance remains resilient

    Securitisations are going through a volatile period, but markets have begun to stabilise. flow reflects on recent Global ABS and Creditflux discussions and examines Deutsche Bank Research findings to assess the major trends impacting the securitisation markets and the outlook READ MORE
  • Trust and Agency Services

    The personal touch

    Twenty-one years after it was established, the UK-Swedish biopharma company AstraZeneca is one of the first developers of a candidate vaccine against Covid-19 flow's. Janet Du Chenne finds out how a people-centred mindset makes a difference in scientific innovation READ MORE
  • Trust and agency services

    Antibody builders

    Following the success of the blockbuster anti-cancer drug DARZALEX (daratumumab), Genmab is developing a pipeline of proprietary antibodies. Anthony Pagano, the Danish firm’s new CFO, tells flow’s Janet Du Chenne how the company’s US capital raising fits that strategy READ MORE


  • Cash Management, Trade Finance, Companies

    Delivering the world

    While the Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated international delivery demand, fulfilment has been tough within a dislocated transportation network.  Flow’s Clarissa Dann reports on how Deutsche Post DHL Group has stepped up, walks the sustainability walk – and optimises its treasury

  • Cash management

    Supporting clean mobility

    In December, German automotive component producer Continental agreed a €4bn revolving credit facility with a 27-bank syndicate aligned to sustainability performance. flow’s Clarissa Dann on how the company is navigating Covid-19 and a Tesla-disrupted market place

  • Trade finance, Companies

    Sustainable latex from Cameroon

    Allegations related to environmental and social issues in Halcyon Agri’s Cameroon rubber plantations attracted headlines until they were addressed through its Corrie MacColl subsidiary. flow´s Clarissa Dann reports on how sustainable finance helps the firm set industry standards in rubber READ MORE
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