Cash Management

Responsible innovation

How can you connect four billion accounts across the world in an instant? That is the bold vision of SWIFT’s CEO, Javier Pérez-Tasso. Clarissa Dann talks to him about the responsibilities vested in a cooperative founded to create mutual benefit for the financial community and why a virtual Sibos for 2020 will keep the global financial community engaged


  • Cash Management

    Prescient on payments

    Fifteen years on from its launch, the original business template of payment services and working capital provider Payoneer successfully anticipated today’s growing online business volumes. Graham Buck reports READ MORE
  • Trade finance, Export finance

    Building healthcare

    Well before the advent of Covid-19, plans were under way for better healthcare infrastructure in Côte d’Ivoire to support GDP growth momentum. flow reports on a project to build hospitals and additional facilities in the towns of Aboisso and Adzopé READ MORE


  • Trade finance

    A Guide to Trade Finance

    To mark Deutsche Bank’s 150 anniversary and Trade Finance being its founding business, we proudly present our Guide to Trade Finance, outlining the fundamental practices and rules critical to the trade finance industry’s ongoing functioning and future development READ MORE
  • Securities Services

    Planning for the people

    India´s government aims to make the country a US$5trn economy by 2024. Janet Du Chenne talks to Sundeep Sikka about Nippon Life India Asset Management’s plans to harness the growth story through long-term savings plans and leveraging education and new technologies READ MORE
  • Technology, Cash Management

    From the engine room

    Almost overnight, Deutsche Bank relocated more than 65.000 of its employees to working from home locations ahead of Covid-19 lockdown. flow reports on operational resilience and business continuity management READ MORE

DOSSIER Sustainable Finance

  • Macro and markets

    ESG on the ground

    As climate change voices shout louder than ever, flow reports on how engagement in society could turn the tide with examples of recent transactions, reflects on further Sibos 2020 ESG discussions, and highlights Deutsche Bank Research findings on blockchain as a sustainability enabler READ MORE
  • Macro and markets, Covid-19 Dossier

    Wellbeing takes centre stage at Sibos

    flow talks to KfW’s Ingrid Hengster, who provides insights into the development bank’s partnership with the Germany government and commercial banking sector to support German businesses READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    Matters of the mind

    Covid-19 has inflicted the greatest change upon the global population since World War II and highlighted the importance of wellbeing. Michael Morley tells flow how an informed approach to employee wellness could play a meaningful role in a sustainable recovery READ MORE




  • Technology

    Tomorrow’s technology today

    As organisations grow, so do their layers of legacy systems. In a world of instant payments and real-time treasury management, how can banks keep up? Clarissa Dann reports on how Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank is addressing this READ MORE
  • Technology

    Technology versus virus

    Disruption caused by Covid-19 has pivoted the world towards technology to keep things moving. Given some technology trends will endure beyond the pandemic, flow ’s Janet Du Chenne examines how they could be managed to support a sustainable recovery READ MORE
  • Technology

    Balancing technology transfer

    The We in Social Tech business accelerator, co-founded by Deutsche Bank’s corporate social responsibility Made for Good programme, has powered many fledgling businesses headed by female tech founders. Neil Jensen reports on their journey READ MORE


  • Trade finance

    Financing trade’s recovery

    While Covid-19 has shaken trade and trade finance, the industry has the essentials to ride out the storm. The key is to build on momentum gathered since the outbreak and build out the framework for the industry’s long-term digital evolution, explains Deutsche Bank’s Russell Brown READ MORE
  • Trade finance, Technology

    Trade and the blockchain – where are we now?

    What common thread links shipments of dairy products to China, wheat from the United States (US) to Indonesia and sugar cane from Asia to Africa? They were all supported by trade finance completed via blockchain. flow ’s Clarissa Dann provides an update on this technology’s journey towards mainstream adoption READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    Step into liquidity

    As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on economies and communities – and ultimately global trade, what is the impact on trade finance and supply chains? Geoffrey Wynne explains READ MORE











  • Trust and Agency Services

    The personal touch

    Twenty-one years after it was established, the UK-Swedish biopharma company AstraZeneca is one of the first developers of a candidate vaccine against Covid-19 flow's. Janet Du Chenne finds out how a people-centred mindset makes a difference in scientific innovation READ MORE
  • Trust and agency services

    Antibody builders

    Following the success of the blockbuster anti-cancer drug DARZALEX (daratumumab), Genmab is developing a pipeline of proprietary antibodies. Anthony Pagano, the Danish firm’s new CFO, tells flow’s Janet Du Chenne how the company’s US capital raising fits that strategy READ MORE

    Renewable energy comes of age

    Changing dynamics of renewable energy in Europe have upended the market in the past decade as new buyers, investors and technology enter the fray. Janet du Chenne reports on investor enthusiasm, and forecasts what to expect from the next 10 years READ MORE


  • Cash management

    Supporting clean mobility

    In December, German automotive component producer Continental agreed a €4bn revolving credit facility with a 27-bank syndicate aligned to sustainability performance. flow’s Clarissa Dann on how the company is navigating Covid-19 and a Tesla-disrupted market place

  • Trade finance, Companies

    Sustainable latex from Cameroon

    Allegations related to environmental and social issues in Halcyon Agri’s Cameroon rubber plantations attracted headlines until they were addressed through its Corrie MacColl subsidiary. flow´s Clarissa Dann reports on how sustainable finance helps the firm set industry standards in rubber READ MORE
  • Cash management

    Goodyear’s new tracks for cross-currency liquidity

    Goodyear’s treasury team partnered with Deutsche Bank to introduce an automated cross-currency liquidity structure. flow explores how this new solution helps the treasury team reduce operational risk and bolster operational efficiencies READ MORE
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