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Digital currencies, differing motives

Until quite recently, the attitude of many central banks towards digital currencies ranged from antipathy to hostility. Led by China, most are now warming to the concept – or are even actively developing their own. However, as flow’s Graham Buck reports there are a range of motivating factors behind the change in attitude
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    Asia leads in post-Covid recovery

    Prompt responses to the pandemic provided a role model for other countries while Asia’s exporters are meeting demand from still-restricted economies elsewhere. The region’s ability to trade as a multilateral bloc is the other accelerator of the recovery, report flow’s Janet du Chenne and Graham Buck READ MORE
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    ESG investing: roots to return

    Covid-19 has changed the way investors view ESG, focusing more on performance than altruistic merit. flow’s Janet Du Chenne analyses Deutsche Bank research on what investors look for and the trends shaping the tools for predicting return READ MORE
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    Climbing out of Covid: Nearly there?

    Good news on vaccines suggests some form of normality could return sooner rather than later. However, scalability, distribution priorities, and trust in governments will all determine the speed. flow’s Clarissa Dann shares insights from Deutsche Bank Research READ MORE
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    Changing course on Capitol Hill?

    Although the 2020 US Election results indicate a Biden/Harris victory, the path to the White House is less than straightforward. flow´s Clarissa Dann takes a look at the next steps, and how the results have impacted the economy, markets and central bank policy so far READ MORE
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    Matters of the mind

    Covid-19 has inflicted the greatest change upon the global population since World War II and highlighted the importance of wellbeing. Michael Morley tells flow how an informed approach to employee wellness could play a meaningful role in a sustainable recovery READ MORE
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    The Age of Disorder

    The traumatic year we’re living through is destined for the history books but may also mark the end of a 40-year economic era, a move away from globalisaiton, and the start of a more volatile, uncertain period. flow’s Graham Buck assesses the evidence READ MORE
  • Macro and markets

    Jobs and Covid-19

    As lockdown continues into Q2, unemployment escalates in all regions. What does this mean for economic recovery? Clarissa Dann reports on the balance between profit and GDP tomorrow versus survival today READ MORE


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