Trade Finance

After the perfect storm

flow reports on how a seven-year reserve-based lending solution positioned oil producer Noreco for growth in a two-year turnaround journey
  • Trade Finance

    Back from the brink

    As the International Trade & Forfaiting Association met in Budapest for its 46th Annual Conference, flow reports on how heads of trade agree that in times of economic stress, flight to trade finance instruments of trust seems to be on the rise READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Chain reaction

    In an environment where global supply chains connect large and small enterprises and where real-time payments are becoming the norm, supply chain finance – empowered by intuitive data analysis – comes into its own, explains Enrico Camerinelli READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Across the Great Divide

    Trade economist Dr Rebecca Harding reflects on the US Exim Bank’s annual spring conference compared with the ICC Banking Commission event in Beijing and notes how polarised attitudes to trade have become READ MORE


  • Trade Finance

    Why the G7 matters

    Trade economist Rebecca Harding notes that while G7 members discuss trade tensions and the wildfires of the Amazon in France, the ability to talk a common language when cooperation is need more than ever remains elusive READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    A refined approach

    Were it not for China’s economic reforms, Ma Zhi Qing would still be running a farm. Today he leads a multi-billion-dollar petrochemical corporate. Clarissa Dann visited the team to hear more about Shandong Qingyuan’s growth story READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    The nuts and bolts of trade

    How dependent is Europe, in particular Germany, on the rest of the world to buy its machinery and engineering exports? Rebecca Harding unpicks some complex supply chains READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Many rivers to cross

    As China’s role on the global stage expands, Bank of China’s Yunfei Liu talks to flow about the foundations needed to build bridges in international trade READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Closer inspection

    flow explains how the new update to the Wolfsberg Principles has provided greater clarity on client due diligence and risk-based checks in open account trade and bank to bank trade loans READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Under the hood

    Worldwide car sales have stood still for the past two years, and electric vehicle technology continues to disrupt. Rebecca Harding investigates what is going on in the individualised transport industry READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Beyond the invoice

    Supply chain finance is growing at 20% a year, with around US$2tn in payables available for financing. But how can this be made safer and more sustainable – and accessible to SMEs? READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    More firepower

    As customers of Deutsche Bank’s structured commodity trade finance (SCTF) services return for more liquidity, flow highlights key deals from 2018 in a journey from the North Sea to Greater China READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Sunset to Sunrise

    Much has been said about North Sea oil having had its heyday. Clarissa Dann looks at how reserve-based lending is supporting the smaller independent oil producers that are thriving in the region READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Investing in ASEAN 2019−20

    This Investing in ASEAN guide, now in its eighth year, addresses the opportunities for overseas investors and charts this trading bloc’s remarkable growth READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Trade adventure

    International Trade and Forfaiting Association Chair Sean Edwards explains how the United Nations, with the Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records, gives cause for optimism READ MORE
  • Trade finance

    Frontline economics

    In an environment where banking products are becoming increasingly commoditised, providers seek to differentiate their offerings with outstanding client experience. Stefan Hoops shares his perspective READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Market makeover

    Ghana’s Kumasi Market is undergoing a makeover. flow tells the story of a project involving three governments, a Brazilian contractor and Deutsche Bank’s Structured Trade & Export Finance team READ MORE
  • Trade Finance

    Combating cyber crime

    Risks from external and internal threats have evolved and cyber criminals have become increasingly sophisticated. How is the financial services industry keeping its head above water? The answer lies in empowering the frontline, says Brendan Goode READ MORE
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