Trade Finance TV, brought to you in association with Deutsche Bank’s flow magazine, is a TV channel dedicated to the world of global trade and how it is financed

It is the channel for importers, exporters, economists, governments, financiers, regulators, investors and fintechs. In other words, anyone who does business in multiple time zones with multiple currencies with many moving parts.

From coffee beans in Kenya to Chinese copper cathode, most trade is enabled by some form of credit. In each show there will be a deep dive into what goods and services are going where, what trade disputes do to economic wellbeing, and how the finance works.

This is your go to for everything from documentary credits to export and infrastructure finance with government agencies and commodity finance. And now that supply chains have morphed into complex global networks, we will cover supply chain finance as well.

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  1. A golden safe haven

    Video 20: A golden safe haven

    Gold continues to glitter for three very good reasons, says Nicholas Snowdon, Deutsche Bank’s Metals Analyst at Deutsche Bank Research – a low interest rate environment, a record period for bonds yielding below flat, and low inflation. “Geopolitical events support safe haven buying and this creates a strong environment for…


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