Our client

Our client, Indo Premier Investment Management, is an Indonesian based investment management company and pioneer of equity index and exchange traded funds (ETF). It has seven ETFs in Indonesia. Deutsche Bank in Jakarta administers six of those seven ETFs. Since 2013, the equity index and ETF market in Indonesia has grown by more than 1,200%. Indo Premier was looking for a service provider with expertise of mutual funds and the various structures as well a deep understanding of its operational and regulatory environment.

The challenge

Indo Premier wanted a service provider that could:

  • Accurately account for any cash movement in their ETF vehicle
  • Swiftly deliver instructions to and receive reports from the custodian bank, offer accounting practice for new ETF products
  • Partner and support them in promoting ETFs to investors in the capital market

The solution

Our consultative approach and excellent relationship with the local regulators, central security depositary and stock exchange, as well as our robust infrastructure, convinced Indo Premier that we were the right provider for them.
Our fund services team (part of investor services):

  • Established best practices for fund accounting by pulling from a select number of procedures in Asia Pacific
  • Developed a process to manage, track and monitor the safekeeping of ETF units in the central securities depository
  • Created an end to end connectivity to receive and deliver accounting files to our client


  • Most innovative fund accounting solution for ETFs delivered by a global team that worked with the client to fully understand its requirements
  • Help with best practices in the accounting treatment for ETFs in other Asia Pacific markets
  • Rapid onboarding that created an opportunity to deepen the relationship between Deutsche Bank and the client


“We are delighted to be working with Deutsche Bank again for our newly launched ETF. We chose to have an infrastructure focus for this ETF due to the significant need for infrastructure construction in Indonesia. We value Deutsche Bank’s service quality and the expertise of their team.”

John D. Item, President Director of Indo Premier Investment Management

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