Our insight

Understanding the business needs of our clients has built our reputation as a premier cash clearer. It’s our expertise and understanding that has enabled us to generate a comprehensive array of wire transfer products and services – designed to accommodate the specialised requirements of transactions as well as maximise the value of our clients’ business with us. Our aim is to ensure that all transactions are processed with speed, certainty and accuracy. We want to enable our clients to extend their global reach while reducing expenses, improving operational efficiency and providing timely information. We also want to support our clients’ clients or business partners.

The challenge

As a financial institution, you are looking for solutions to help you maximise operational efficiencies and reduce costs. You need to minimise manual work but at the same time accommodate the increasing needs of your clients for cross-border and urgent payments requiring complex customised handling.

The solution

By using our offshore RMB clearing services, you can offer a new payment service to your corporate clients, who will benefit from:

  • Reduced risk and transaction cost
  • Improved access to more suppliers and better purchasing power
  • Asset diversification and appreciation from RMB

In addition, we support you in capturing the growing RMB payments corridor and create value for your clients’ trade and investments with China.

The benefit

By partnering with us you gain access to market-leading clearing infrastructure and payment features, allowing you to optimise your processing, gain operational efficiencies and offer value-added services to your customers without additional investment.

The features

  • Simplicity: Fund RMB payments from a single operating currency account via FX4Cash
  • Reach: Connect to key clearing systems onshore and offshore via RMB nostros in Hong Kong or Shanghai
  • Consistency: A service model shaped after mainstream currencies’ nostros to reduce complexity and gain efficiencies
  • Relevance: Clear and timely market updates designed to outline and explain what is relevant for you and your end clients



  • Execute payments without opening RMB accounts
  • Fund RMB payments from single operating currency account
  • Simple and fast implementation, no additional set-up costs

Onshore and offshore nostro capabilities

  • Maintain RMB account in Hong Kong and/or Shanghai to attain flexibility for payments both onshore and offshore
  • Full payment delivery capabilities, flexible & easy expansion to future payment market infrastructures as they emerge
  • Operating and service model largely aligned with mainstream currencies to reduce complexity and gain efficiencies
  • Client service team familiar with RMB payment requirements to ensure timely and high-quality resolution of queries

Global recognition

  • The Asian Banker Transaction Banking Awards 2016

    The Asian Banker Transaction Banking Awards, May 2016

    • Best International Transaction Bank, Asia Pacific
    • Best Global (EUR & USD) Clearing Bank, Asia Pacific
    • Best International Cash Management Bank, Asia Pacific
  • FIMetrix_2016_310x167.jpg

    FImetrix LLC, Distinguished Providers 2018

    (Six consecutive years)

    • Distinguished Provider of Transaction Banking Services in EUR and USD
  • 10

    Euromoney Cash Management Survey, Oct 2015

    Financial institutions
    • No. 1 Best Cash Manager for Financial Institutions
    • Leading EUR and USD provider for Financial Institutions
      Western Europe: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      Central and Eastern Europe: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      North America: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      LatAm: No 1 for EUR, No 1 for USD
      Asia: No 2 for EUR, No 3 for USD
      Africa: No 1 for EUR, No 2 for USD
      Middle East: No 1 for EUR, No 2 for USD
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